A la Carte Services for Groups and Organisations

We regularly work with community groups and organisations to reduce barriers to cycling. Want to augment a community event you are organizing with supports for cycling? Want the WRENCH to host a mechanic or cycling workshop for your group? Lets talk. 

Pop Up Repair Stand

Onsite bike repair for the whole community, for families, and teachers, too. This is a great addition to any outdoor event or celebration.

A tune up stand The WRENCH provides bicycle repair stations for participants to do simple repairs on their own bicycles with guidance. Community tune-up stands take place at the location of your choosing, and for the duration of your choosing.

Duration: 2-6 hours

Participants: Anyone who is attending your event. Excellent for families.

Value: $250 minimum for 2 hours; $75 per hour after 2. The more you can contribute towards our costs, the more we can share our work across communities. 

Inquire: [email protected]

Skill Builder Workshops

The WRENCH brings the shop to you!

This full day workshop is perfect for a large group of young people- a full classroom, or group of up to 30.

The WRENCH brings the tools, supplies, and know-how to safely teach a larger group age appropriate skills to maintain, fix, and ride their own bikes. This can include

  • Basic bike maintenance
  • How to properly pump tires
  • How to oil a chain
  • How to patch a flat
  • Learn to ride (for small groups)
  • Group rides in the community (if feasible)
  • Bike handling skills

Note that topics are tailored to the group with considerations for practicality, accessibility, and fun.

Duration: Up to 6 hours of program time

$1000 value per visit. Please contribute what you can towards costs- this helps us spread our impact more broadly. 

Contact Education Lead Lasha Mackedenski at [email protected] for more info. 

photo credit: The Winnipeg Foundation