Bike Bazaars

A WRENCH Bike Bazaar is a community bike event that includes:

·         A kid’s bike giveaway (free/by donation). The WRENCH will provide up to 30 bikes for giveaway to children under age eight, as well as helmets, lights and locks.
·         A kid’s bike exchange (free/by donation). The WRENCH will take bikes that children have grown out of and exchange them for a better fit. Discarded bikes will go back to the WRENCH Shop for a tune up and be recycled out to the next Bike Bazaar.
·         An adult bike sale. The WRENCH will bring lower priced adult bikes for purchase.
·         A pop up repair stand for by-donation repairs

Note that all WRENCH bikes are made possible through the efforts of WRENCH volunteers who reclaim discarded bikes and parts, and put them back together again, as well as the support of our funders.

Bike Bazaars run in the Spring and early Summer. More and more/where possible and appropriate, we aim to return to the same communities around the same time of year to encourage swaps as children grow out of their bikes. Expect a public call for partners in Jan/Feb of each year to pitch for a Bike Bazaar to come to your neighbourhood. 


photo credit: Winnipeg Foundation