Box to Build Program

More and more people are buying bikes and e bikes online. The trick is- how to put your new whip together when it arrives?

The WRENCH is here to help. Our bike construction service is quick and affordable- and when you buy from the WRENCH, you support our work to make sure everyone has access to a bike.

This service is $75 and available by appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 10 and 2pm. We’ll complete the work within 48 hours, and ask that you pick up your bike within a business day of completion. Book here, and our sales rep will follow up with any questions.

Fine print:

This is a box to build program. This is NOT

  • a repair service
  • part replacement service
  • an ebike kit program (We will not convert your regular bike to an e bike. We will not apply an e bike kit to a regular bike).


All parts must be in the box. The WRENCH will not source missing parts. Relying on the WRENCH’s inventory of reclaimed parts means workarounds that could change your bike’s performance. If you need a repair or a missing part from the WRENCH’s inventory, please sign up for a Thursday Open Shop appointment.


photo credit: John Woods, Globe and Mail