Community Bike Shop Support and Development

The WRENCH is a proud product of the community bike shop movement. Our 'parent' bike shop is the Bike Dump (formerly of 631 Main Street) and since our founding, we have helped to start, support, and provided resources for community bike shops throughout Winnipeg. 

Community bike shops are wide ranging in their organisation and offerings, but in Winnipeg, they generally offer low barrier access to tools, parts and supplies, and support to learn to fix your own bike. They also often organise group learning times, rides, and social events. They are usually heavily volunteer supported- even when paid staff are involved. 

We've seen that community based infrastructure is unmatched in supporting more people to get on their bikes and keep their bikes on the road. 

Need help getting your community bike shop off the ground? Get in touch. We'd be happy to help where we can.

Contact Jon Benson at [email protected]