Community Bike Shops in Winnipeg

Get involved at your local community bike shop!

(Note that the pandemic was really hard on a number of shops. Make sure you try and make contact before visiting, as hours may have changed/been significantly reduced.) 

The Bike Dump (Currently without a location.)

The South Osborne Bike Hub – 623 Kylemore Ave. – Located in the outbuilding near the baseball diamond. The SOBH closes for most of the winter starting in November.

The UWSA Bike Lab – 515 Portage Ave – Located in a pair of repurposed shipping containers, the Bike Lab is situated in the courtyard south of the University of Winnipeg library building.

The Oriole’s Bike Cage – 444 Burnell Street – Located in the West End at the Valor Community Centre. Look for the small building near the paddling pool.

The Ralph Brown Bike Tool Cupboard – 460 Andrews Street – Situated inside the Ralph Brown Community Centre, the RBBC has most basic tools and some supplies you’ll need to fix your bike. You can gain access to the Bike Cupboard any time the RBCC is open.

Sanctoral Cycle – Run by Students! Located under neath the Music Wing on the Canadian Mennonite University campus.

Coop Vélo-Cité – Dans un garage derrière 190, avenue de la Cathédrale
/ In a garage behind 190 Cathedral Avenue – Une coopérative francophone dans un garage près de l’Université Saint-Boniface. Le groupe de bicyclettes communautaires les plus récent de Winnipeg. / A Francophone cooperative in a garage near University Saint Boniface. Winnipeg’s newest friendly community bicycle group.

University of Manitoba UMCycle –  (Currently inactive) At the intersection of the Sydney Smith and Curry Place pedways, University of Manitoba Campus.