Manitoba Housing Partnerships 2022

Our summer is now fully planned! Thanks to all Applicants!

Every week in the summer, we visit a Manitoba Housing Community to swap out kids bikes for better fit, and give away kids bikes to anyone that needs them (up to a max 30).

We are seeking resource centers that serve Manitoba Housing Communities to partner to offer these events this year.

Your role:
Planning- planning a successful event that will best serve your community. Bike Giveaways will happen on weekdays between 10 and 4pm. They are two hours long, start to finish. We require an open, flat space with truck access. This could be a park, a paved arena or parking lot that can be made safe for pedestrians, and that is cleared of cars.

We'll ask you to pick a date and time within those parameters towards the best participation- for example, having the event co occur with another community event is a good strategy.

Promotion- ensuring communication with your community is effective so people feel welcome and know what is happening and what to expect. This should happen through posters, social media promotion, and flyers/handbills delivered door to door as well as in-person communication.

Set up- it is really helpful if you are able to help with set up by providing two tables, four chairs, and also support organizing participants when they arrive towards safety and order. If you can provide snacks and/or water to help keep people cool, that is a mega bonus.

Creating a bike decorating station- Being able to decorate a bike helps a child feel like it is truly theirs and adds to the positive feeling of the day. Its definitely a bonus/ suggestion, but helps out a lot!

What we will provide:
Up to 30 kids bikes and helmets to give away/swap.
Repair stand with staff to fix anyone's bike for free/ by donation.

Please note: The WRENCH partners to create the most inclusive events possible. We will select partners who can best support this goal.

Thank you to the Winnipeg Foundation for their generous support!