Mellow Velo & Sister Cycle

Sister Cycle and Mellow Vélo are our safe(r) space offerings for women, trans, non-binary, two-spirit and femme-identifying individuals to access the tools, parts and knowledge needed to repair bicycles! If you have ever felt uncomfortable in male-dominated bike shop spaces because of your gender identity/expression – this is for you.

Both Sister Cycle and Mellow Vélo take place every other Sunday at the WRENCH- 1057 Logan. They happen on opposite Sundays to each other. We ask that all participants wear a face mask




Mellow Vélo is a supported shop time option for you to use a bike stand and get some work done on your bike, or help out around the shop. Due to limited capacity because of COVID, we request that you book a time slot beforehand. Two types of appointments are available- Assisted Stand Time and Independent Stand Time.

Assisted Stand Time spots are for those who want to work on their bike and need support from an experienced WRENCH mechanic. Assisted stand time is limited to 2 hours per person. Please try to be on time and arrive within 15 min of the start time you select, or your spot may be given to someone else.

Independent Stand Time is for those who know how to do the repair they need themselves, and only need minimal help from WRENCH staff. Independent stand time slots are flexible- If you select the 1pm start time and need to keep working past 3pm that's okay as long as someone else doesn't need your stand.

If you are interested in volunteering, you do not need to book a time slot and can arrive when fits your schedule. Volunteering might involve things like stripping bikes, tidying the shop, or learning by helping someone else fix their bike with support from staff. For questions about volunteering during Mellow Vélo email [email protected]

Walk Ins
We will take walk-in appointments if we have spots available. Particularly for assisted stand time, this may not be the case. To guarantee that we will be able to help you, book an




Sister cycle is a by- donation workshop series for women, trans, and non-binary people.

Sister Cycle Spring Session Registration is now closed.

Sister cycle will be offered again in fall 2023