Thanks for thinking of us!

Looking to donate money? Continue reading! Looking to donate bikes and parts? Click here. 

You can offer the WRENCH financial support by donating online through our Canada Helps page, or by mailing a cheque to 1057 Logan, R3E 3N8. In the latter case, we will mail you a charitable tax receipt. 

We endeavor to make really great use of every donation. Last year, volunteers contributed nearly 4000 hours to our shop. We diverted over 23000kgs of bikes and parts from the landfill, distributed 1500 bikes, and fixed 1400. We're grateful that the spaces we use at the Animal Services building, Clifton Community Centre, and the Forks are provided by the City and the Forks for free. All of this allows us to really push our grant contributions, revenue, and donations into more benefit throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba. 

We (conservatively) estimate that $180 of value is invested into every bike that leaves our shop, no matter the cost; and we give away 100s of bikes each year. 

What do we spend money on? In short, people, transportation and helmets, lights, and locks. 

  • People: our staff bring bike mechanic education to schools and communities throughout the province. We're passing on bike mechanic skill sets that last a lifetime. We also love to do what we can to celebrate our very generous volunteers. 
  • Transportation: while everyone in our organisation is an avid cyclist, we need trucks to transport bikes and parts from the 4R sites to our shop, and from our shop out into the community. 
  • Helmets, Lights, and Locks: These are essential items that can't come from the 4R sites. Kids who receive our bikes always receive a helmet, a safety light, and a lock. It just makes sense!

Thanks again for supporting the WRENCH! We are very grateful.